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Having owned and operated Tenpin Bowling venues for the last 50 years, we know the bowling business intimately and what products are required to make it a success.  Our design philosophy takes simplicity as the primary driver to deliver products that are simple and easy to use.


With over 30 years of experience in making scoring systems.  DuoHD is the simplest, and most reliable Tenpin Bowling scoring system available on the market.

Our DuoHD system is 100% fanless and interfaces with every model of pinspotter on the market.

Our software is developed fully in-house which guarantees the highest level of integration available.

DuoHD products


An exciting new stand alone product automatically detects regulation darts thrown to a standard competition dart board.  We have created several games which not only take the math out of playing darts but enhances the fun to be had.  Perfect for any situation from commercial installations, to Pubs or your Man Cave.


This online extension to the scoring system allows bowlers to post their scores 24/7 to their Facebook page.  League standing sheets are uploaded as soon as they are produced and contain links to Individual and Team records.  You are also able to click on a link to view every match, for every team, for the entire season.

Our web booking function checks lane availability, in real-time and will automatically insert a new booking into your booking sheet.

Game Command

This optional extension to DuoHD allows you to play simple to understand games across the whole house.  Designed for disco bowling times, this a good tool for an active promoter.