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Management & Administration

Bowling Business management has never been easier!

League Secretary

Computer Score has a fully integrated League Secretary program.  This streamlines the processing and reporting of League and Tournament game scores and eliminates data processing errors.  On bowling completion, on the League or Tournament lanes, the Standing Sheets, Team and Individual results are available.  They can be printed within seconds, fully updated immediately.  The schedule then automatically advances to the next match.

Being a true Windows application, the menu is easy to navigate, taking full advantage of Microsoft Windows’ multi-tasking facilities.  For example, multiple computers have simultaneous access to all leagues and events. You can print results for one event, and manage several other Leagues or Tournaments elsewhere. The fully comprehensive “On-Line Help” menu is just a click away, to explain all aspects of the League software programs, including Tournaments.

Starting Leagues on the Lanes

The fully integrated League Secretary software makes dealing with leagues a breeze! No importing or exporting to external League Secretary program. Leagues automatically appear in the Waiting List and Future Reservations for the correct lane schedule. Vacant and Pre Bowled Teams can be easily removed, allowing the optional compression of the number of lanes required. 

It is possible to schedule Multiple singles or doubles teams to play on each lane. The handling of Individual / Team Pre & Post Bowling is better than any other system! Pre Bowled scores are automatically recorded in the League Secretary.  They are then displayed on the lanes at the scheduled time of play without any user intervention required.

League Management
League Administration made easy

League secretarial processing has never been easier. To create a new league, just fill in the blanks. We provide a full range of options, based on USBC rules of play. The League Schedule can be easily altered to skip holidays, or to change dates and times of play. You can add and delete weeks of play. Because the scores store to a week number rather than actual dates, changes to the schedule will not corrupt Standings. You can also change the number of teams or the number of lanes required for any week of play. The resulting schedule will always base on the standard USBC lane draw unless you specify otherwise.

Tournaments are a breeze

The League Secretary module is so flexible it is used to also process tournaments including standard Scratch and Handicap, Singles, Doubles and Teams Tournaments as well as Squads, Championships, All Events, Divisional Tournaments, & Multiple Entry Events.  Multi-Squad, Multi Block tournaments can be easily processed using just one Classification. Tournament processing is now just as easy as processing Leagues! To print a Standing Sheet for one squad, select the desired squad. To print out a Standing Sheet for the entire tournament, select All Squads. It’s that easy!

Standing Sheets ready for the Web

We produce the Standing Sheets in a variety of formats and styles. This ensures that each league can have a unique look and feel, displaying just the information they require. Many selection criteria are available such as Sex, Divisions or Squad, making it perfect for all leagues and tournaments. Unlike the competition, all Computer Score reports are true Internet HTML. This ensures that they are very small, scalable and easily e-mailed.  Upload to your Web Site or Bowler’s Information Kiosk.   This process is also automated as part of LiveScores.  Also, the Standing Sheets can have links to the Team Record Cards and Bowler Record Cards.

Bowler Info at your fingertips

Adding bowlers to a league is simple, using the built-in Address Book. If the bowler has played in a league previously then just choose the bowler from the list.  The system fills in the bowler’s details automatically.  Just select what team he or she will belong to. It’s that simple! The Address Book is common to all the fully integrated modules within Computer Score. The Address Book is not limited to league bowlers, but can also be used for Tracking Open Play Bowlers.

Other systems have a separate module for Frequent Bowler Tracking.  We integrate ours into the Address Book for ease of use and better functionality! Your management can add more information to the address book, such as notes and follow-up reminders. You can use a Web Camera to take a photo of the bowler and store it in the address book. The photo then automatically displays on the overhead lane monitors.

Brackets and Sweepers made easy!

The tight integration of Computer Score modules ensures that the management of complex features such as brackets is made simple. Enter the league bowlers who will be playing in the bracket or sweepers competition. As they finish each game of bowling you can immediately print the results. No exporting or importing – it just happens as if by magic!

Export to others

Want information in the right format? Computer Score gives you what you want when you need it. Need a list of all current league bowlers whose birthday is next month? Want to import it into Microsoft Word to print out Birthday Cards? No problem. Simply use the Address Book – select the desired weeks’ date range and press OK.

Press the Mail Merge button and select the Word document you created for merging.  The rest of the process is automated from there. Computer Score can export information in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access formats, as well as standard ASCII text format.

Pro Shop Inventory

If your venue operates its own Pro Shop, then Center Command’s Pro Shop Inventory program is for you. This optional module fully integrates with the Point Of Sale system. It allows you to sell stock, make Lay Aways, and Track every individual stock item.  Stock can be added individually or in groups and a full range of reports is available for tracking.  Stock Sold by Date, Stock Available, Stock Sold at a Discount by Date, and Stock on Lay-Away.
Pro Shop income can be divided into as many different sections as you would like.  This income is shown in the same report as the rest of the Point of Sale, alongside your bowling revenue.

Financial Management

The management of all your centre’s information can be accessed from your home or office computer.

Customer Accounts

Schools, Corporate Groups and regular customers can charge their purchases to a permanent account, allowing them to pay at some future date. Other customers can charge their purchases on a Tab, allowing them to include multiple transactions on their Tab and pay in full before leaving.

Balances of both Tabs and Accounts can be transferred between Control, Cafe and Bar, allowing your customers to make one payment for Control, Cafe and Bar transactions, from one point.

Locker Rental

Your lockers may be rented for any desired period to any date of your choice. Alternatively, a global expiration date may be used to specify a date when all locker rentals become due. Often bowlers want to pay for their lockers in more than one payment. 

Computer Score’s Locker Rental system allows you to take multiple payments from the bowlers and keeps a running total of the amount paid so that you can tell whether each bowler has paid the full amount for the locker. Complete locker reporting is available enabling you to view or print reports listing rented, available and overdue lockers based on any date you care to choose!

Flexible Reporting

Center Command includes an immensely powerful and flexible ability to query your financial data to answer just about any question you can think of. Reports can be generated for any POS item, over any period, even reports based on each shift in the day. The number of combo specials sold can also be reported because Center Command also tracks transactions based on the POS Macros that were used.