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Computer Score has answered the call of the Tenpin Bowling industry by producing DuoHD, the most complete, innovative and simple, automatic scoring system available today.

New Centre Package Gallery

Computer Score’s specialty is to produce the best automatic scoring system available. Our long and extensive  experience in all aspects of the Bowling Industry has provided us with a large number of friends involved in all aspects of bowling center operation. 

If you are considering building a new centre or refurbishing your existing one, please contact us and allow us to facilitate the task of your project. We can pass on to you a choice of well known and trusted contacts who supply new and refurbished bowling capital equipment and services.

We would, of course, also be delighted to provide you with brand new Computer Score automatic scoring, either directly or through our agents, depending on your location.

DuoHD has something for everyone


We designed the score grid to give as much information as possible whilst continuing to display scores


Engineered to be as simple as possible, simply exchange any one of the three electronic modules to identify any fault.

Front Desk

Innovative Center Command screen puts you in complete control of center functions including future bookings.


Center Command reporting enables you to query your financial data to answer just about any question.


Ten lovable pin characters that enhance and celebrate strikes, spares and much more.