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TeamViewer Quick Support

We use Team Viewer quick support to remotely access your computer to provide support that can’t be explained over the phone.  Teamviewer is built into Computer Score, but if you can’t access Computer Score, it can be downloaded from here.

Software Manuals

Computer Score’s Center Command program is responsible for controlling the lanes, across all models of Computer Score.  So, performing a hardware upgrade will not come with a massive overhead of retraining your staff from scratch.  Centre Command integrates all aspects of running a bowling center such as Lane Control, Point of Sale and League Secretarial functions into a simple software suite that is considered one of the easiest to operate in the whole industry.

Centre Command Operations Manual

This manual explains the functions of all the programs supplied with your Computer Score System.   It is easy to follow and very comprehensive.  This manual will also be useful when hiring and training new personnel.

Online Help Support

You can also explore the ‘On-Line Help Menu’ accessible from ANY Computer Score screen in Centre Command. Simply click on ‘Help’ and choose ‘Computer Score Help’. You may use the ‘Index’ or ‘Search’ for a specific title.

Hardware Manuals

Computer Score has been creating scoring systems for the Bowling Industry since 1986 and we still support all models manufactured.  Follow the links below to find specific manuals and diagrams for all of our systems.

DuoHD Support

Our current system, which features High Definition screens.  Signal is via dual HDMI ports on our fanless industrial grade CPU module.

Duo Support

Previous generation hardware, which used a combination of VGA and DVI ports to connect to monitors.  Scoring is done by digital IP camera.

Solo Support

CPU is located with the camera and connected to the monitors via S-Video cables.  Scoring is done by USB webcam.

Matrix Support

Each Matrix CPU module controls 6 lanes with monitors connected via a 6 way VGA octopus cable.

DVS Hardware

Each DVS module controls a pair of lanes and connects by VGA ports.  Scoring is done by a B/W CCD security camera.

ECT Hardware

Our original model which uses discrete electronics connected to EGA amusement machine monitors.