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Front Desk Software

Center Command is our front desk software system that gives managers top to bottom control over operations.

The Point Of Sale Cash Control system is extremely easy to use. Combinations of up to ten items can be sold in one common transaction with the touch of a single button. Unlimited Departments and Items can be easily set up in seconds, according to your requirements.

Lane Control

Center Command’s front desk Lane Control screen features colour-coded lane icons, indicating status of all lanes at a glance.  Computer Score is one of the easiest systems to use.  Even a novice can Start, Move or End Lanes after just a few minutes of instruction. The Point Of Sale system is fully integrated into the League Secretary program and the Lane Control software.  This allows League Pre-Bowling or Post-Bowling transactions outside of the scheduled date. You can make payment for Open Play Games either before or after play, and Time Bowling is a cinch. Reports for every item sold are available for each Shift, Day, Week, Month, or Year. 

Tight security password level entry safeguards critical program areas.  A Staff Record Log generated by password entry provides Management with tracking of staff access to all programs requiring security. We retain a complete record of every Open Play game bowled during the previous 7 days.  This facilitates the printing of scores or recovery for any lane, at any time, and many more features.

Lock / Unlock Bowler Keypads

Center Command allows you full control in the Play Area. You can lock Bowler Keypads, allowing only the basic functions, such as Name EntryPindication display, Skip and Resume any bowler in the line-up, and change the Scoregrid display between 5 and 10 frames. 

The ‘locking’ function is particularly useful when young children are being disruptive by constantly pressing buttons on the keypads.  Ball Speed is a great feature, but there may be occasions when it may not be preferred.  This option is easily solved – simply disable the Ball Speed display from the Control Desk. Center Command offers you Ultimate Control!

Control Lanes Front Desk
‘Open Play’ Standing Sheets

A powerful feature – mostly used to generate Competition Results based on Open Play.  Excellent for Group Bookings, Corporate Functions and In-House Tournaments.  Bowl on Open Play and within seconds after all games end, have a complete Results Sheet showing the winning lane, all lanes’ placings, and the best score for males and females.  Even with a handicap!  

Another application is with School Bowling, with different players each week – the results can generate ‘Inter-School’ competition results. Too Easy!

Move Lanes or Bowlers

Move ALL bowlers from one lane to another for any reason.  Or, just move just SOME of the bowlers from one lane to another lane DURING THEIR GAME.  Move a bowler from one lane to a DIFFERENT group of bowlers on another lane.  Transfer UNPLAYED paid games from one lane to another. Made an error? Transfer back. That’s flexibility!

Automatic Bumpers Integration

Do you have automatic bumpers, or will you install them later? Computer Score controls their movement up or down according to player selection.  We support all types of Automatic Bumper Systems – we just need to know the type in your venue.   

Once installed, you activate the bumper by clicking the icon against the desired player’s name.  When it is that player’s turn, the bumper will go up and then back down again for the next player.  If the next player also has bumpers, they will stay up, reducing wear and tear.

View / Edit ANY lane

Select any lane and touch one button – you will see the Lane Monitor screen on your Control Desk workstation – EXACTLY how it appears on the lane. From this point, you may choose any function from the ‘Help’ Menu to edit the score grid and transfer it back to the Lane. Excellent feature for larger venues – help your customers without leaving the Control Desk.  

Lane Reservation

Computer Score’s electronic Booking Sheet and Waiting List function provide the accurate management of your business at those busy times when quick and efficient processing of waiting customers is important.
Bookings are fully integrated within the Deposit system, allowing payment of a deposit for Groups or Party bookings.

Advance Bookings will automatically appear on the Waiting List on the day of play, and the software automatically handles pre-paid deposits in the transaction. Flashing screen messages alert the operator to the next waiting booking and the next lane available. The software scans each lane every 60 seconds, and updates the expected finishing time for each lane, according to bowling speed.

Waiting List & Booking Sheet

Computer Score Waiting List / Booking Sheet function allows the accurate management of your business at those busy times.  Staff on the front desk need to process customers quickly and efficiently.  Reservations are fully integrated with the Deposit system allowing you to take a deposit for bookings, such as Group Bookings and Birthday Parties.  

Bookings will automatically appear on the Waiting List for the day of play. The control operator is automatically notified when the next booking is due.  This information is constantly updated according to the actual speed of play for each lane.  The expected ending time of every lane is therefore resolved to an accurate time as the play progresses.

Point Of Sale

Computer Score’s fully integrated Point Of Sale Cash Control system is extremely easy to use. Combinations of up to ten various items can be sold in one common transaction with the touch of a single item button. Unlimited Departments and Items can be easily set up in seconds, according to your requirements.

Customer Accounts

Schools, Corporate Groups and regular Clubs can charge their purchases to a permanent account, have an invoice generated by the software, and allow them to pay at a prescribed future date. Other customers can charge their purchases to a TAB account, allowing them to include multiple transactions on their TAB and pay in full at the end of their stay. 

Balances of both Tabs and Accounts are common between the Control, Café and Bar Counters, allowing your customers to make one payment for all transactions at one Counter.

Locker Rental

Computer Score software handles Locker Rentals easily and simply. Yearly, Monthly, or from ANY date to ANY date, you can satisfy your customers’ needs – even to allow multiple regular payments or share lockers. The Locker Program will generate management reports to show your Total Lockers, those Available, Rented or Due for Renewal, and also access the bowler’s details, including their league average and Club Membership number.

Cafe & Bar

The Café and the Bar modules utilize the same software design as Center Command however they operate as separate Point Of Sale locations. They do not require connection to the Computer Score network, but if on the same network, their software and transaction facilities are accessible from the Bowling Point Of Sale front desk as well.

Items and prices are individually set up for the Café or Bar locations, and Management Reports will include all income and details for each particular location. Detailed reports for every Shift, Day, Week, Month and Year are available for each location – Bowling, Café and Bar.  The software allows for automatic entry of total income from the Café and Bar into the Bowling income if desired.  By this method, totals of all the income areas can be jointly presented on one Report, if necessary, for your convenience. Setting up of Items and Prices for each income area uses the same structure so that your personnel can operate any one, or all of the locations comfortably.   

Cafe, Bar or Other?

If you have more locations in your facility, such as ‘Laser Tag’ or ‘Mini-Golf’, then it is possible to add additional POS Modules to Computer Score to cater for additional serving locations.  

Each of these locations will have its own Point Of Sale Items and Prices, and individual Management Reports for each Shift, Day, Week, Month and Year.  As the software operation is very similar for all modules, it is possible to cross-train staff easily.  Changing Prices and Items takes only a few seconds.