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Game Command

Game Command is an optional add-on package that allows you, as the operator, to run promotional games using scores from across the entire house.

We designed it to work with your existing Projection Screens that you are using for Music Videos.

Game Command features 9 different games that add interest & excitement to your Disco Bowling Program and other events. The games engage the whole or part of your centre in fun competitions, giving your staff the tools they need to ensure your customers enjoy themselves.

The variety of games targets different styles of events from social, disco, schools, corporate groups, and even competition bowling!  The bowlers follow the competition on the big screen while your announcer builds excitement on the microphone.

All games are designed to be based on a period of time, rather than gathering scores from frame 1 to 10 and prizes are awarded to the lane, rather than an individual.  This way, the lanes do not have to be coordinated and you can play games wherever they are up to in their series.  Plus, there is no advantage to bowlers playing by themselves who would otherwise get more opportunity to win, compared to someone bowling with many friends on the same lane.

X Factor

A quick fire competition where the lane with the most strikes over a set time is the winner.

Strikes & Spares

Build excitement as the lanes compete against each other to get the most Strikes and Spares.

Pinfall Challenge

The lane which knocks over the most pins in a set time is the winner. Great for social events.
A game of speed as well as accuracy. The lead changes often as all lanes are in the hunt.

7 - 10 Attack

A low ball game. Gain the most points by hitting the least pins. But don’t miss, this
will give you nothing. Maximum points are gained by aiming for the 7 or the 10 pin.

Pinfall Jackpot

You allocate a price per pin. As the pins fall the Jackpot grows. At the end of the game, the lane that has knocked down the most pins wins the Jackpot.

Lucky Draw

When you’re lucky lane is displayed, if you bowl a strike you’re a winner!

Strike It!

It’s all action as all lanes go for the strike at once! The first lane to bowl the next strike when displayed wins a prize.

Treasure Hunt

Lets go dig a prize! Your frame number and 1st ball score gives you a co-ordinate on the treasure map, where you can dig up major and minor prizes.

Spin 'n' Win

A proven favorite. Every Strike spins the wheel.
Lanes can win Major and Minor Prizes.

Game Command© works with the Computer Score system and projection screens you have now, so you get the most out of your existing investment! It is a valuable tool in your effort to build atmosphere and increase customer satisfaction, while the lanes get to share in the fun!