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Animation & Exciters

Introducing our animation characters …. Team Tenpin!

Ten lovable characters that enhance the bowlers’ experience and celebrate strikes, spares and much more.

Team Tenpin was designed to display a wide variety of character traits to produce animation and exciters that humorously entertain your customers with all the antics they get up to.   This results in a suite of over 130 3D animations for every situation.

Tex Animation

This tough hombre likes nothing better than rounding up high scores

Queen Animation

The Ruler of the Lanes. When she gives the order, the pins had better fall… or it’s “off with their heads”

Slick Animation

Look out! The King is on the lanes. Let the good times roll.

Stacey Animation

Everybody’s favourite Cheerpin. Not the brightest pin on the deck, but Go Pin Go!!!

Astro Animation

A 21st Century Pin Ranger. Travels the Galaxy in search of the Perfect Strike.

Kitty Animation

A truly modern pin who will take on any challenge that the game throws at her.

Sarge Animation

A pin with “Take Charge” attitude. When the scoring gets tough, Sarge gets going.

Jasmine Animation

A Flower Power chick from way back. Ban the ball dude!

Dopey Animation

A lovable dope who just wants to have fun on the lanes.

Pixie Animation

This funky fairy is always on hand with a Pinch of Fairy Dust and a Touch of Magic.